Monday, April 18, 2011

Dress No 3 makes 3

So my Spring/Summer project, if you haven't seen my other posts, is to upcycle my old clothing to make new things mainly being a new wardrobe for my nearly 3 year old. I gave my closet a very serious clearing out but couldn't part with some things for a variety of reasons,memories, beautiful prints or just nice types of fabric.

The red dress I used for these outfits cost me the grand total of 5 GBP (in the UK). I  loved the pattern and vibrancy of the red as well as the fabric itself , super slinky with a lovely handle. This all being said it had held space in my closet  for the best part of 6 years without ever making it out on me or anyone else. It was time for it to move on.

I started by cutting off the top part of the original dress at the length it needed to be for Evie and hemmed it and then added a few clever ties and hey presto a cute little summer dress.

 The bottom part seemed to be the perfect size for a top or skirt so I made both. I cut in two and added a little elastic to turn one into a skirt and the other into a halter top/dress with straps made from the dresses original belt.

I am looking forward to seeing what I can make out of some of my other items.

This would look great on it's own as a beach dress or with  leggings too.

And finally the dress that I intended to make. The others I was inspired to make along the way as I never like to waste fabric, time or a good idea. I also get the feeling that Evie not only loves getting her new clothes but modeling them and smiling for the camera too!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dress No 2

One minute a linen top that I loved and cherished and haven't worn for 5 years! and now a beautiful summer dress for Evie.

All I did was to sew the sides in. I measured it on Evie and then made it into an A-line dress. I also added a stud on the back to keep the back opening from gaping too much. I am loving this up-cycling! New clothes from old is fun and a lot quicker than new clothes from scratch!

Revamping the Wardrobe - Dress no 1

This year has to be the worst spring fever I have ever experienced. Maybe it was the many many dark wet days but whatever was the motivating factor, no closet, cupboard or shelf remained the same. I went through my wardrobe with sheer bravery and took 6 bags to Value Village as donations. I saved a few pieces that either I loved and had worn but no longer would or that I bought and loved but never worn. I wanted to try my hand at reusing these items to make new items and so now they would now up-cycled into outfits for Evie.

I started with a pair of towelling 1970's curtains that I had bought for $2 from a carboot sale in the UK. I had thought to use them for my owls but instead decided it would make a much nicer beach dress for this summer for Evie.

I made it very simply with some elastic at the top and some matching fabric straps. The wooden buttons were a cheap find at Walmart.

Next time will be a beautiful white embroidered linen top that became dress no 2.