Sunday, February 26, 2012

New to old and back to new again!

So this year I am continuing with upcycling my old clothes to make new clothes for little Evie. These are items of clothing that I have loved for years now but have had a hard time parting with as they have lots of life left in them and are cute. Having said that I haven't worn any of them for years so with a few tweaks here and there a new summer closet for Evie will appear.

Today I started with the easier non sew items. A shimmery silky gold top which we tried putting on sideways so the arm loop became the neck loop. The other arm loop is tied to it at the back.




AFTER - I  put this top on backwards as I really liked the shape of the V but it was too revealing for the front without sewing. I  took the hanging loops from inside the sideseam of this top and tied them together in a bow at the back and hey presto my old top becomes a cute lil brown dress.

BEFORE - Wrap skirt that I bought in Thailand and never wore.

AFTER - Sophisticated party dress..tied to the front and then created shoulder straps and tied at the back too.

More to follow. The others need a little more work with sewing, cutting and trims added but there will be a maxi summer dress, another oriental print dress and a Boho top made from one of my old pj tops.

Also already making my 6th Christmas present!!! Hoping to really make this a homemade year!