Saturday, January 28, 2012

Repurposed - Reused - Reloved

So I bought this sweater about 15 years ago or more and it was so snuggly and not itchy or scratchy and even though I didn't wear it any more I had kept it...well that and how much it had cost me. When Evie arrived on the scene she gave me the opportunity to not only make cute things for her but to reuse all my preloved clothes that I hadn't parted ways with. This somehow feels so much easier to do than to part with the clothes completely.

So the super soft sweater got turned into a tunic and a knitted dress.

I took the two sleeves and sewed them together to make the tunic.On the cowl part of the neck I only sewed one side so it would gape open.

Evie decided she wanted to model horizontally ;) Next we made the dress.

I made it from the body of the sweater. I had to make it a little narrower when it was sewn together and also decided to double the hem up .