Monday, October 17, 2011

May Chunky Cowl Post Revisited !

So back in May I started knitting chunky cowls and lots of them. Since then I have had a few requests for orders of them and so I thought I would add a picture of what they look like on.

Here it is and here I am!

I am working on various sizes too.

Mini Knit Projects

It's been a little while since I posted last but with the craziness of school holidays and trips away there has seemed little time to write, let alone craft. Anyway I am back on track and craftiness is happening too.

I have lots of projects on the go for Christmas, mostly unfinished and so have taken a break to make some cute and warm accessories for my little fashionista.

The last couple of weeks have been all about the mini cowl and the mini legwarmer. If any of you are interested in ordering some then drop me a line.

The legwarmers were knitted with a chunky yarn on 4 needles and the cowls were knitted on circular needles with a thick yarn.

Here is Evie herself modelling the first one I made. I think she did a good job too!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Little Dancer

Oh how I have missed my sporadic blogging and most importantly my crafting! Life sometimes carries away time.

So my latest project after knitting some adult leg warmers was to do mini ones. Evie wants to do dance classes soon and I thought how perfect these would be for my very small fashionista.

Planning to knit some other colours and striped ones too!

Also thought I would put this out there and I know Christmas is a long way off but if anyone wants to place any orders for any of my craft items let me know.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Knitting again!

I have been working on a knitted cowl pattern. They are proving fun and easy to knit so I have been trying different sizes for different looks. This is my first attempt below which I finished off with one of my home made labels. The next one is going to be smaller in diameter and I also want to make a huge one that can be doubled and twisted.

I used a circular bamboo needle and a super chunky yarn. The stitch is moss stitch.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dress No 3 makes 3

So my Spring/Summer project, if you haven't seen my other posts, is to upcycle my old clothing to make new things mainly being a new wardrobe for my nearly 3 year old. I gave my closet a very serious clearing out but couldn't part with some things for a variety of reasons,memories, beautiful prints or just nice types of fabric.

The red dress I used for these outfits cost me the grand total of 5 GBP (in the UK). I  loved the pattern and vibrancy of the red as well as the fabric itself , super slinky with a lovely handle. This all being said it had held space in my closet  for the best part of 6 years without ever making it out on me or anyone else. It was time for it to move on.

I started by cutting off the top part of the original dress at the length it needed to be for Evie and hemmed it and then added a few clever ties and hey presto a cute little summer dress.

 The bottom part seemed to be the perfect size for a top or skirt so I made both. I cut in two and added a little elastic to turn one into a skirt and the other into a halter top/dress with straps made from the dresses original belt.

I am looking forward to seeing what I can make out of some of my other items.

This would look great on it's own as a beach dress or with  leggings too.

And finally the dress that I intended to make. The others I was inspired to make along the way as I never like to waste fabric, time or a good idea. I also get the feeling that Evie not only loves getting her new clothes but modeling them and smiling for the camera too!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dress No 2

One minute a linen top that I loved and cherished and haven't worn for 5 years! and now a beautiful summer dress for Evie.

All I did was to sew the sides in. I measured it on Evie and then made it into an A-line dress. I also added a stud on the back to keep the back opening from gaping too much. I am loving this up-cycling! New clothes from old is fun and a lot quicker than new clothes from scratch!

Revamping the Wardrobe - Dress no 1

This year has to be the worst spring fever I have ever experienced. Maybe it was the many many dark wet days but whatever was the motivating factor, no closet, cupboard or shelf remained the same. I went through my wardrobe with sheer bravery and took 6 bags to Value Village as donations. I saved a few pieces that either I loved and had worn but no longer would or that I bought and loved but never worn. I wanted to try my hand at reusing these items to make new items and so now they would now up-cycled into outfits for Evie.

I started with a pair of towelling 1970's curtains that I had bought for $2 from a carboot sale in the UK. I had thought to use them for my owls but instead decided it would make a much nicer beach dress for this summer for Evie.

I made it very simply with some elastic at the top and some matching fabric straps. The wooden buttons were a cheap find at Walmart.

Next time will be a beautiful white embroidered linen top that became dress no 2.

Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year New Knits!

I was inspired with the start of the New Year to improve my knitting skills and learn some new techniques as well as complete some projects that I had been meaning to start and just hadn't. I also thought I could get a head start on gifts for this year.

I joined a 3 week cozy chunky knit sock workshop at Baaad Annas which was awesome and I knitted my first ever pair of socks plus my friends husband had bought the same for her so we got to sit and chat with each other for those 3 weeks. Knitting in the round had always scared me off but now I am hooked. Next is legwarmers and wrist warmers!

I had leftover yarn from a blanket I knitted for Evie and so I used it for the socks. I used 2 balls of 100g chunky weight yarn and size 10 (8 inch) dp needles. This was a great place to begin with sock knitting as they grew really fast.

I had never done blocking either. This photo is before I blocked the socks and I was really surprised how much better your knitting looks with a few pins and a spray bottle of water.

The other project that I had been meaning to start was a little black knitted dress for Evie. I had bought the super soft acrylic yarn about 6 months ago but didn't get much beyond that. I designed a basic pattern just by measuring some of her current wardrobe. The neck was just an extension of the dress that I stitched just on one side. A little knitted belt and a big chunky wooden button completed the look and Evie couldn't wait to wear it.