Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year New Knits!

I was inspired with the start of the New Year to improve my knitting skills and learn some new techniques as well as complete some projects that I had been meaning to start and just hadn't. I also thought I could get a head start on gifts for this year.

I joined a 3 week cozy chunky knit sock workshop at Baaad Annas which was awesome and I knitted my first ever pair of socks plus my friends husband had bought the same for her so we got to sit and chat with each other for those 3 weeks. Knitting in the round had always scared me off but now I am hooked. Next is legwarmers and wrist warmers!

I had leftover yarn from a blanket I knitted for Evie and so I used it for the socks. I used 2 balls of 100g chunky weight yarn and size 10 (8 inch) dp needles. This was a great place to begin with sock knitting as they grew really fast.

I had never done blocking either. This photo is before I blocked the socks and I was really surprised how much better your knitting looks with a few pins and a spray bottle of water.

The other project that I had been meaning to start was a little black knitted dress for Evie. I had bought the super soft acrylic yarn about 6 months ago but didn't get much beyond that. I designed a basic pattern just by measuring some of her current wardrobe. The neck was just an extension of the dress that I stitched just on one side. A little knitted belt and a big chunky wooden button completed the look and Evie couldn't wait to wear it.