Saturday, November 27, 2010

Crafty Mama

So here goes sharing!

I love my son very much but he is at an age where it's plastic fantastic with Lego, Star Wars, Playmobil and much more plastic.... although drawing still wins over but he is more interested in watching the crafts being made than receiving them.

What sparked me back to crafting, however, was the birth of my daughter. A little girl is perfect to direct all manner of crafting delights towards. There are cute clothes to make, toys to create and rooms to dream up. So I am going to try and catch you up on the creations of the last 2 and a bit years.....but not all in one post!

Thought I'd start with my most recent creations....the halloween costume! The oldest wanted to be Darth Vader and so he was but the little one was happy to to go with my suggestion....this year anyway.

So a little witch she was. At age 2 she already has a hand on fashion though so then we decided that the cauldron just had to be a handbag! I made it out of some fake leather fabric which had been knocking around the cupboard for a while. I cut out the shape and machine sewed it together. I added several silver sparkly pipe cleaners which I twisted into  the handle shape and stapled it to the bag. I used black pipe cleaners to make a spider and then an eyeball from a foam ball covered in white fabric so we could draw onto it with felt pen. We took pillow stuffing for the steam and then glued in a wooden spoon, a rats tail, a praying mantis and a pigs ear.

For E's main costume I made a simple black tutu. I measured around E's waist with elastic and tied it off and then cut 1" to 2" wide strips of black tulle which I tied around the elastic and knotted one at a time making sure they were all the same length.

Her velvet dress was a top of mine we managed to make into a dress with some clever tying back to front.  The cape and hat we found at Value Village and to the hat I added a felt black spider dangling from the end. To control the shape of the hat I filled it part way with stuffing.

The ruby red shoes were an E's decision....but a nice addition for the wicked witch

And so here I am.......

So after a little encouragement from a new friend, fellow crafter, mum and experienced blogger, I find myself here trying my hand at blogging so that I too might share my love of crafting, eating, cooking, yoga and more! Thanks Kim! I decided that this year was a year for changes and firsts and so what is one more?!! ;o)

So far :

1. I spent a month in New York on a yoga training (thank you hubby for handling the little ones on your own)
2. I became vegan
3. I became a co-owner of my own yoga studio
4. I got myself a blog (well today in fact)

and to top it all today I held my first (of many I hope) and very own craft two is tomorrow. What I discovered through all the worry and time spent organising it all is, I love crafts and making them and I love others who do it too. What a wonderful community spirit and energy we cultivated inside my yoga studio. It's not over...Day 2 of our craft fair is tomorrow!  

 My youngest was tired out even before the first customer came in!
So my hope for my blog is to be able to share my ideas and projects as so many have shared with me. I will be turning the clock back to revisit old projects yet shared as well as new ones too. Thanks for stopping by!