Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting Ready for the Crafting Season !!

I am getting pretty excited about all the things that are being created by me right now! I am on a roll for sure!
 Lots of new colours for my knitted cowls for the A/W. Just had some labels made for them as well.

I searched ebay for these vintage cases for my craft table display. I wanted to keep with the theme of my new logos colours grey and yellow.I thought it would look great to have my owls and dolls displayed in them.

I am also working themes in for my owls this year too.The owls in stores will still be a mixture of what the store requests but I wanted to try something new for the craft shows. This is my favourite combo so far with the chocolate brown wool, the vintage plaid and the mustard yellow fleece. 

My labels for my Evie Dolls have also just arrived so will be posting pics of my kokeshi dolls very soon. There are also going to be doll prints, cards and other little items to go with that theme. If only I had a craft room! that is one dream that will have to wait a little longer.