Friday, August 2, 2013

She's here! The Evie doll has arrived!

Since my daughter, Evie, was born I became more than a little obsessed with kokeshi dolls. Well, really I think it stems way back as I love a lot of things about Japanese style and culture. So when she left her crib at 15 months old and moved to a 'big girls' bed I had the chance to create a little girls room. Her whole room became a fusion of reds, pinks, butterflies, paper lanterns and you guessed it!! Kokeshi dolls. It seems only fitting then that when I made a kokeshi doll, that she should be named after my little one. So here is the first Evie Doll.

I will be trying different hair colours, styles and accessories with this first batch. Below is the picture I took yesterday. My motivation was I had to pull everything together to send off my craft application form. I even had Evie doll labels made from a great store on Etsy. Hope you like her! Available to buy through Big Ocean Little Fish

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